UWC Changshu China has offered a needs based scholarship to applicants to UWC Trinidad and Tobago for academic year 2019-2021. 


  • 2019 Entry, Cost for 2 years: ¥708,158
  • Our Unique Offer Key CSC159
  • Type of Offer: Partially Funded (Needs-Based)
  • The School/College is contributing up to per year: CNY 283,263.2
  • The contribution by the applicant will be at least per year: CNY 70815.8
  • This offer is for a girl, a boy or either? Either

  • The following restrictions or specifications apply:
    To insure that all spaces are filled we may need to ask for a different gender from the one we ask for in this document (if any), and if so we will contact you as early as possible. If you find a "perfect" student for Changshu who does not meet our gender requirement please let us know as early as possible, as we may be able to accommodate such a request if it is made early enough in the process.  Also, our estimated, non tuition related, fees listed in this document are exactly that -- estimates.  Pocket money varies, but we expect students to live modestly.  Our students have also had no difficulty staying in China for the two major mid academic year holidays, and part of that is thanks to our robust getaway family program, which we hope all international students will take advantage of as part of their UWC experience in China.  Students should only need to buy two round trip tickets for both years, unless they stay in China for the summer between year one and two, which is also possible.  All UWC Changshu China's offers are needs based, and if a family can afford more than what we are offering then the NC should notify us of the increased amount, which we will then charge. All students, NCs and families will be required to sign an enrollment document which states that if they in anyway misrepresent the family's financial ability then UWC Changshu China reserves the right to withdraw the offer (including a dismissal if student is already on campus when we discover the discrepancy).  Also, our fees are fixed in Chinese currency.  We can not predict whether the major world foreign currencies (USD/Euro) that we require of overseas students will fluctuate.  We will use the Chinese Yuan exchange rate valid on the date we send invoices.  Also, we look forward to welcoming your new candidates under the capable and seasoned leadership of Pelham Roberts Lindfield, who has held numerous positions (teacher, house mentor, head of school) at several UWCs including, most recently, Mahindra UWC, as Head of School.

UWC Changshu China

Founded in 2015 as the only UWC college in mainland China. The college is situated in the 3,000 year old city of Changshu, on the banks of Kuncheng Lake, the largest of three lakes in the area. 

Location: Changshu, China

Student profile: 520 students aged 16-19

Founded: 2015

Campus and facilities: UWC Changshu China’s campus has been designed one of China’s premier architectural design companies.

Our vision is for the campus to become a sustainable village dedicated to the fostering of peace and international understanding.

Campus facilities include:

  • A multi-function performing arts centre
  • A state-of-the-art centre for wellbeing, with indoor athletic facilities, running track, swimming centre, yoga and dance spaces
  • A Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centre
  • A multi-function conference centre
  • A Hahn/Peace Centre and boat house
  • Residential houses for all students and faculty
  • Dining hall
  • Library

Specialisms: Our aim is to grow a programme with both variety and depth, with particular focus on the three pillars of the college:

  • Chinese language and culture
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Environmental activism

Beyond the classroom: 
Project Week provides a focus for non-academic development away from the classroom. It is a core component of the school's Co-curricular Programme and enables students to pursue the school's mission outside the classroom.  During Project Week, students design and implement projects they have designed themselves. 

Find out more about UWC Changshu China College’s unique campus. 

Contact Details

UWC Changshu China
Kun Cheng Hu Xi Lu
Phone: +86 512 5298 2602

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