Mahindra College UWC has offered a needs based scholarship to applicants to UWC Trinidad and Tobago for academic year 2019-2021.


  • Our Unique Offer Key MUWCI101
  • Type of Offer: Partially Funded (Needs-Based)
  • The School/College is contributing up to: USD 14750
  • The contribution by the applicant will be at least: USD 14750
  • Candidates need to also expect pay for flight, pocket money, and additional school related costs to a maximum of USD 3650
  • This offer is for a girl, a boy or either? Either
  • The following restrictions or specifications apply:
    The college requires financial documentation and need assessment data from all nominated students. Any offer of college funding is need based "up to" the mentioned amount and made with the understanding that the student would not be able to attend if they were not receiving the assessed level of scholarship support.
  • The cost to attend UWC Mahindra College is USD 29,500 per annum, which remains fixed for both years. Costs for Project Weeks, pocket money, travel and other extra expenses are not included and must be budgeted for separately.

Mahindra College UWC 

Pune, India

Student profile: 240 students aged 16 -19

Founded: 1997

All began in 1997 with the generous gift of land and building infrastructure by Harish Mahindra of the world-renowned Mahindra & Mahindra Group. UWC Mahindra, or MUWCI (pronounced “myoo-ki”) as it is more informally known, is a vibrant college with a rich tradition of curricular innovation and community engagement. Programs such as the IB’s World Studies Extended Essay and the Film Studies program were conceived and piloted here. The College also runs a bridge program and the Akshara Foundation, both of which enhance the positive local impact of the College and provide students with numerous opportunities for project-based and service learning.

Three Unique Features

  • Curricular richness (Project Based Diploma) - UWC Mahindra is known as a place of curricular innovation, and several programs conceived here have been incorporated into the global International Baccalaureate curriculum. It offers an exciting opportunity for real-world and project-based learning through the Project Based Diploma Program. The many options for service and project-based learning offered through CAS Specialist
  • Student-led initiatives - Students are active in most decision-making processes that affect campus life, such as envisioning and executing resource management initiatives on campus and in the neighboring villages. Extensive student involvement also results in student projects that turn into long upheld traditions, such as the Community Fund and the annual Theatre Season, during which students direct and participate in several plays performed around campus over a fortnight in February.
  • Indian context - At MUWCI, students not only benefit from a diverse classroom with peers from over 60 countries, but also from the linguistic and cultural diversity of the surrounding valley and India at large. Context-building courses such as ‘This is India’ and ‘Global Affairs’ help students engage with this privilege and the rare opportunities it bestows on a regular basis, and during Project Week and Travel Week, students have short immersive experiences in various other parts of the country.

In the classroom: 

UWC Mahindra College offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) curriculum. Alongside standard courses, the College offers Art, Theatre, Film, Psychology, World Religions, Global Politics. On top of these, students also take context-building courses such as ‘This is India’ and Global Affairs, as well as specialized courses in Complexity Science and Systems Thinking.

UWC Mahindra also offers the Project Based Diploma (PBD) along with a Cambridge Pre-University Diploma. The PBD is a specialized program in its nascent years, where a selected group of students take the IBDP curriculum during their first year and utilize the second year to conceive and execute a real-world, impact-driven project.

Outside of the classroom: 

UWC Mahindra College offers an immense variety of co-curricular activities through its Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program, referred to as “Triveni” program, which facilitates project-based learning in four areas: Education, Peace and Justice, Sustainability, Communication and Culture and Outdoor Education. Students participate in at least one area and organize themselves in groups to execute campus and community projects as a real-world initiation into project management.

Community Service on campus and beyond happens through participation in Triveni projects, as well by working with the Akshara Program and local community initiatives in the valley. These include working with local schools, entrepreneurship programs, organic farming collectives and non-governmental organizations.

Besides regular sports such as basketball, rugby and football, the geographical location of the campus fosters an ideal setting for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and fire service. A large number of students also participate in physically challenging outings during Travel Week and the inter-house sporting season known as MUWCILympics.

Campus and facilities: 

Students live together in five boarding areas known as “wadas” (the local term for “courtyard”). The campus also offers many informal locations for gathering and hiking, and several areas are well known among students for their gorgeous vistas of the valley during sunset.

Academic facilities include classrooms in the Academic Quarter, a science lab, a digital lab, a library, an art space overlooking the valley, specialized facilities for theatre and music practice, a large sporting ground for rugby, football, basketball and cricket. The Social Centre offers a gym, swimming pool, games and lounge area and a deli café. Students take meals thrice a day in the large dining room called the Caf.

Geographic Setting:

UWC Mahindra College is located in a 170-acre biodiversity reserve in the Western Ghats, a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula. The villages in the adjoining valley provide abundant opportunities for learning and community engagement. The city of Pune is 30 km away and offers many options for weekend day trips for both resources and leisure.

For more information, visit the Mahindra College Website.

Contact Details

UWC Mahindra College
Village Khubavali,
PO Paud
Taluka Mulshi, Pune,
MH 412 108, India

Phone: +91 20 9764 4427 51

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